1ShoppingCart.com Plugin For Wordpress

Are you tired of running a sale where you have to make product changes in 1ShoppingCart.com and then make them AGAIN on your website?

That tedious double work is no longer necessary. With our plugin installed, changes you save to product price, name or description in 1ShoppingCart.com, are immediately reflected on your website.

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Exciting Features of 1ShoppingCart.com Plugin for Wordpress

Our easily installed and configured plugin brings these valuable features.

Rich Snippets for Products to enhance your site's search results

The plugin’s five (5) pre-made display templates comply with Google’s Rich Snippets for Products to enhance your site’s search results.

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Five (5) default display templates

Version 2.0 comes packaged with five (5) display templates that works with any WordPress theme.

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Are you ready to take advantage of all of the amazing features packed into 1ShoppingCart.com Plugin for WordPress? We hope so! Purchase your copy and start saving your precious time!

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